The Water Reversal Co provides immediate service to those suffering water damage to their property.

We have a team waiting on stand-by that can come out 24/7 in the event of a flooding emergency.

If you find yourself in the middle of a flooded home or office, give us a call immediately on:


(03) 9021 3777 


And we’ll have everything restored and returned back to normal, within a 72-hour timeframe.

We have fully certified, highly trained technicians with many decades of experience handling water damage emergencies. You can count on us to get the job done right every time.



Is Water Flooding In and Ruining Your Home or Office?

Call The Water Reversal Co at (03) 9021 3777 to professionally handle the clean up and restoration of your property. When you suffer damage caused by flooding you need the most experienced team of restoration specialists to carry out the job and return your home or office back to normal quickly without disrupting your life any more than necessary.

flood-damage-extractorWe provide the following services:

  • Extraction of water, dirt and debris
  • Complete sanitisation
  • Treatment for carpet odour and mildew
  • Restoration of damaged materials

The Water Reversal Co can respond immediately to your emergency call and completely dry out and restore your rugs and carpets. Our company specialises in handling all water or fire damage emergencies. The Water Reversal Co is among very few that have the kind of equipment that can completely dry out your property and restore it back to normal. Plumbing leaks and floods hit when least expected. Our team is trained to act quickly in a flooding emergency to minimize water damage and fully restore your property.

Full Water Damage Reversal

water-dryingIf your water of flood damage has been caused by plumbing leaks, burst pipes, leaks from your dishwasher or washing machine, storm damage, a leaky roof, cracks in your foundation, or underground water seeping in, it is critical that you attend to the flood immediately. You need to prevent any further damage and possible health hazards if at all possible. A serious health hazard can result from water damage through the spread of mold, which can take hold within 24 hours if not properly treated. Mold spores can actually be lethal unless they are totally removed, which requires professional treatment. The Water Reversal Co has the most up-to-date equipment to treat mold and mildew and to dry out your property as quickly and effectively as possible. Our specialized moisture monitoring instruments will detect moisture wherever it is, even below fixed floors and behind walls where it cannot be seen. Water will not only damage your floors and carpets, it damages the walls and the skirting boards around the base, which can actually collapse as a result. This is why timing is so important when you have a flooding emergency and why it is CRITICAL THAT YOU CALL THE WATER REVERSAL CO IMMEDIATELY.

(03) 9021 3777 


The Water Reversal Co provides the following services for Water Damage, Clean up and Restoration:

  • Carpet Repair and relay
  • Clean up, repairs, disinfecting and deodorisation
  • Complete water damage restoration
  • Emergency removal of dirt and debris as well as dumping
  • Furniture, carpets and walls restored to pre-flood condition
  • Installation of carpet and underlay
  • Professional mould remediation
  • Sanitise bacteria, mould, and mildew
  • State-of-the-art equipment for drying and dehumidification
  • Sewage clean-ups
  • Structural drying
  • Water extraction
  • 24-hour emergency response, including weekends and holidays

Once the clean up has been done, specialised instruments, which are designed to be extremely sensitive will be used to ensure that your home or office has been thoroughly dried out and is free from a potential build-up of microorganisms including mildew and mould. The Water Reversal Co is a Melbourne premier water damage specialists, with the kind of equipment that moves air in large volumes along floors, carpets and walls to hasten the drying time. We also use commercial sized dehumidifiers that can extract water from all areas and surfaces and affected by the influx of water, such as carpets, floors and walls.   THE WATER REVERSAL CO will professionally take care of all water and flood damage to your complete satisfaction.

  • Appraisal of All Property Damage
  • Certified Insurance Reporting and Direct Billing
  • Prompt and Professional Water Damage Service
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

What NOT TO DO in a flood emergency:

  • Do not use an ordinary vacuum cleaner to remove water
  • Do not use any electrical appliances while standing on wet floors or carpets
  • Do not enter rooms with standing water if the electricity is still turned on
  • Do not lift up tacked down carpet unless you have professional help. Incorrectly lifting the carpet could cause damage to the backing

What TO DO prior to our arrival:

drying-wet-carpetMop or sweep to remove as much water as possible Wipe all furniture dry and block it up, allowing the base to dry Lift up all draperies off the floor or carpet, loop through a coat hanger, placing the hanger on the rod Remove drenched area rugs and any other loose floor coverings Open drawers on furniture, cupboard and closet doors, and any luggage to assist drying Move all photos, paintings, accessories and art objects to a dry, safe place Remove any wet fabrics and dry them all as soon as possible Remove any wet or damp books from shelves and open them to dry out

Water Reversal Co
Written by: Paul Young
Date Published: 04/10/2015
The Water Reversal Co took care of my water damage problem quickly. They did a really good job.
5 / 5 stars


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